The Force is strong with Ezra…But is it the Dark Side?

Just saw this posted today by the folks at IGN. This is a pretty impressive display of power from Ezra Bridger. I do question where he’s getting this power from… Is this from a connection to the Dark Side of the Force?  All signs that we have seen so far, if they are to be taken at face value, are pointing to a very big  conflict brewing within Ezra.  This is pure speculation, but I have a very strong feeling this season of Star Wars Rebels is going to be pretty dark.  I don’t know what is more exciting…Watching Ezra’s character develop, or seeing Grand Admiral Thrawn make his appearance.

I can’t wait to find out on Saturday September 24th (8:30 p.m. ET).

Check out Ezra using the Force like a boss below.

Gerard Baer

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