“New Problem. New Door.”

“New problem. New door.” – Kanan Jarrus

By Gerard Baer (Editor-In-Chief)


Star Wars Rebels: “Shroud of Darkness”




This episode left me COVERED in goosebumps. I can’t understand how some people continue to trash this show. If you are a Star Wars fan, and have watched The Clone Wars and enjoyed it…You must at least like this show, right? But enough about the haters…this is for the lovers of Star Wars.

The stage has been set, and this story is being told in a way that seems to keep you wanting more. Tonights episode was no exception. Starting with Ezra and his ever growing power, controlling creatures to save his and Kanan’s skin, yet again.

Seeing Yoda was fun. He was a bit different looking. He almost reminded me of the first Yoda figure I got in 1979/1980.


Kanan having his battle with the Jedi “Temple Guard” to protect his student was pretty cool. I liked his expression when picking up a second saber in the attack and finding its crimson blade reflecting in his eyes. Foreshadowing a moment in the future? Maybe…



There were so many things about this episode that hit me hard. FINALLY…we got some more of Ahsoka!

Her saying in regards to Anakin, “The last time I saw him he was rushing off to save the Chancellor.”, was pretty big. It means she at least saw Anakin after she walked away from the Jedi Order. It makes you wonder what goodies The Clone Wars Team had in store for us had the show continued. I for one, am totally thrilled that they are working some of TCW story lines into Rebels. The way everything interconnects makes this show even more interesting.

The biggest moment of tonights episode for me was when Ahsoka had her vision of Anakin. He says “Why did you leave?”. “Where were you when I needed you?” And finally…

“Do you know what I have become?”

I LOVE this show. BUT…

I have a terrible feeling about the fate of most of the cast. I hate to say it, but if Ahsoka and Vader meeting to fight doesn’t result in a tragic ending for one or more of our characters, I would be shocked. It just seems unavoidable. Anything is possible, and I root for the good guys, but most of us likely have the same feeling.

The remaining episodes for this season are MUST WATCH episodes. If you haven’t yet started watching, do yourself a favor, and START RIGHT NOW. In the world we live in, with all its bad news, negative thinking and hate, this show is a nice break from all of that. It may not win the Oscar for “Best Picture”…but Star Wars fans don’t need awards to know a good thing when they see it.

I can’t wait to see what the Rebels Team has in store for us all.

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Gerard Baer

Gerard Baer is a Managing Partner and Creative Director for The Alliance of Star Wars Fanatics (TAOSWF) and www.taoswf.com, along with all their associated properties. Main duties include webmaster, content creator and graphic designer for www.taoswf.com, as well as general all around control freak. He has been a Star Wars fan since seeing "A New Hope" in 1977 at age 4, and always will be. MTFBWY...ALWAYS!

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